For Husband’s Only: Why Hire an Organizer?

Hello Husband of my client’s and client’s to be!

So often from wives I hear “I’m not sure if I can convince my husband.”

This is to answer all of the questions you (Husband) have about why you need to invest in an organizer.

Husbands this is what your wife goes through on a daily basis: they wake up and care for the little humans (and/or fur babies), feed them, cloth them, clean up after their never-ending messes and chaos, drink cold coffee or coffee that has been microwaved 5 times. They manage the household, the kids schedules, the vacation planning, socialization of the entire family, the school schedules, outside activity schedules.

Their job is to think about everyone else’s needs on a daily basis, all of the time. Not in a care about your employee with a general like/love way, in a care deeply about the well being of the love of their lives and their offspring (very emotionally draining at times) way. On top of that they keep everyone clothed, fed and decent in their homes (and this does not take into account those with a demanding job)! And of course the judgment of family or friends when people come over, when the kids (or you husband) aren’t dressed right, fed right, or acting right.

Do wives/moms get a break at the end of the day? Sometimes, but not as often as they need. When they are in the daily grind of the home it can become very overwhelming. What Pinterest hack should they pick to make it so they can free up time for a break? So the household can be one less item on their never ending to-do list?

Common ways woman cope with the stress of not feeling in control of their homes/lives is to try to figure out how to buy things to help it “feel better.” If they just buy a certain furniture item, container system, planner system or other item it will help everything feel better, but when they buy said items it still doesn’t accomplish the feeling they are looking for. The functionality of the home isn’t fixed or helped.

Imagine how smooth life would be if everyone was on the same page schedule wise. If the laundry was easily kept up with, if the kids knew how clean up after themselves, even a little bit, if your wife did not need to run to Target every other day for that forgotten item or different container, furniture item or basket! 

This is where a professional organizer can help!

If you are stuck in your business and can’t see which direction to go in or what way is better, you call in an expert. Whether its for your bookkeeping or a subcontractor for your business, you know that you probably could figure out how to do that job, but it’s not worth the time or money to do it yourself and that the expert knows the best system for you. This is the same idea but with your home! Your wives are frazzled, and overwhelmed by the possibilities in your home. They are buried by housework and family management and they need a professional to come in and tell them what systems should be implemented to help for the best productivity and systems in your home. They will gain peace of mind and have a path to finally helping run their home smoothly. They will have more time to take care of themselves and therefore more energy to manage the household, schedules and everything in-between!

Is it an investment? Yes, this is an investment where you will see returns! No longer should there be spending money on random items, containers or unnecessary furniture items. There will be more peace and harmony as a family, there will be more quality time the family can spend together. Your wife will be happier, have more peace and maybe be able to feel on top of things for once!

Could she have a friend help instead? She could, but again it wouldn’t be with the eye of a professional who assesses habits and personalizes the organization to you. As professionals, we see so many different types of clients and can assess in ways the most enthusiastic of hobby organizers can’t assess. We will see you through to the end, unlike friends we take this seriously and will make sure to everything is implemented and easily managed.  Most organizers are members of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals which provides continued education and training in the latest organizing techniques, organizing is a big deal to us.

Can’t she figure it out without hiring a professional? She could, but how long are you okay with living a frazzled life, or with your wife overwhelmed by your home? Don’t you want to come home to a well managed home, with a wife who has energy to spend time with you at the end of the day? Not to mention there would be a lot less bickering between spouses when the organizer is the one encouraging systems instead of just one of the spouse. You two can be a team!

Many times the husband is skeptical of the process but by the end is excited for when the organizer comes back.

“Does the organizer think we need 30+ kids cups or those old broken dog toys you don’t want to get rid of?”

“Ask her what she thinks about this space (the one you want fixed but gave up on to not bicker)!”

“Well the organizer said we don’t need any more containers.” 

It’s time to see the potential of hiring an organizer, of brining peace into your home, of giving your wife a chance to breath in her home. It’s worth it!

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  1. Maria says:

    Thank you for writing this truly helpful piece! I’m a pro organizer here in the Middle East and most of my mom clients have this dilemma with their husbands. I’d like to get your permission to send this piece to one of my clients, if that’s alright with you. I’m trying to help her convince her husband to hire me to help her.
    Thank you!

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We help you tidy up your home so you can move from overwhelmed to overjoyed. Different methods and Pinterest hacks have been tried but it’s still not sticking. You are not alone, and we are here to help! 


We help you tidy up your home so you can move from overwhelmed to overjoyed.  Different methods and Pinterest hacks have been tried but it’s still not sticking. You are not alone, and we are here to help! 

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