How to Declutter for the New Year!

It’s the new year and that means New Year’s resolutions are in full swing! We want to change the world, get in shape and of course get to those decluttering and organizing projects around the house. Here are the basics on how to declutter for the new year.

Figure out what your goal is

Do you want to increase functionality? To stop hunting through drawers everyday? To live like the minimalists in that documentary? To have everything you own “spark joy” like in that one book? Whatever your need/goal is, think about it and refer back to it throughout the project. This will help you through tough decisions about what to keep versus get rid of.

Pick one space to work in at a time

Decluttering is draining emotionally and takes time. Once it’s done it’s fantastic and freeing, not to mention time saving but the process is heavy. Realize your limitations and work through one space a time. Maybe start with the junk drawer and work your way up to the master closet. It’s okay for this to be a process and to take your time. Once you have finished each space it will be a motivator for you in the bigger spaces in your home.

Pull it ALL out and sort it into groups.

Once you have picked the space you want to organize its time to pull the items out of where they are housed. The way I group items initially are: keep (within the space), keep (needs to go to another room), giveaway/sell, and toss. SORT THROUGH ALL ITEMS! Most people say that they have gone through items in their closet or space not too long ago. It does not matter when you last went through your space or if you do this “regularly” you need to do it again and do it all at the same time. I guarantee you will end up with many give away items in the end. Every client I have worked with is surprised with what they ended up sorting through and realizing they could donate, clear out in their space.

Pro Tip: Once you have your keep pile go through it one more time and see if what you have matches what your goal is. If you need to sort through it again to help achieve your goal it’s okay and it will be worth it in the end. If you aren’t sure about certain items put them in a “maybe bin” and come back to those items in a week or so to see if you have a better idea of if you want to give it away or if you want to keep it.

Group like with like items

Pile all of your items into groups of similar items. You will then be able to see what you need to store in the end. Once similar items are piled figure out where these piles can fit back into the space. Keep in mind your habits, if the kids always put their shoes next do the door don’t try to store them in their rooms it won’t stay organized!

Put away items in their new homes

This is my favorite part! This is the real life game of Tetris. Put everything back into the space and make it fit. Play around with where the items will work in the space. It’s okay if need to try a few different options, sometimes its best to see the items in their new homes to figure out what will work best. You need to figure out what will be functional for you in that space.


Sometimes this is a hard part! You worked so hard to complete the space and know there are more things to get to do but its time to look at what you did and soak it in. You worked your tush off and need to be proud!



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We help you tidy up your home so you can move from overwhelmed to overjoyed. Different methods and Pinterest hacks have been tried but it’s still not sticking. You are not alone, and we are here to help! 


We help you tidy up your home so you can move from overwhelmed to overjoyed.  Different methods and Pinterest hacks have been tried but it’s still not sticking. You are not alone, and we are here to help! 

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