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Let’s get to know each other, this contact form helps us get to know each other, and share if life coaching is the right fit for you!

Here is a bit about what the Life Coaching process looks like:

life coaching process

Welcome Information

After filling out the contact form I will send you my online booking system so you we can get started at your convince. 

Let's get to work

Through weekly hour long sessions we work through each goal taking you and your family from overwhelmed to thriving!  

saving time

Stop sending your days in the day to day struggles and start planning ahead and enjoying each moment. After life coaching my clients feel that they have taken back control of their time and daily schedules helping them to feel like they spend more time doing what they love!

What are the benefits of life coaching? 

saving money

Instead of wondering what products, or services will help and spending money with trail and error products, we will put a laser focus on what exactly you need and don't need in your life. Not only that but when you feel in control of your life the need to emotionally spend money to feel in control will no longer be needed! Yay! 

The feeling of not being behind in your own home. 

When our mind feels chaotic our homes often reflect that as well. As we tackle emotional and mental roadblocks our homes often get organized and feel more ordered as well!

being able to Enjoy your life

When you have a plan in place that feels right, you are able to breath and enjoy life to the fullest. Thriving in life is just the best!

Fill out the contact form

Let’s get to know each other, this contact form helps us get to know each other, and decide which clutter coaching track to work through. 

Here is a bit about what our clutter coaching process looks like:

clutter coaching process

Welcome Information

We will send you our welcome information and online booking system so coaching can be scheduled at your convenience. 

Let's get to work

We break down those pesky habits and clutter holding you back from living your best life! We do this through 4 weekly  accountability video calls, email communication and more.


Celebrating tackling those organizing projects and life goals that have been achieved through this process!

inner peace

Stop the burnout of the never ending to-do list and neglect of self.  Clients feel refreshed, inspired and ready to focus on what matters most in their lives. 

What are the benefits of clutter coaching? 


 We help hold you accountable in a loveing, and non-judgemental yet firm way. Life doesn't go as planned but with the right accountability and motivation new habits and life goals can be achieved.

inspiration & Clarity

We bring clarity and inspiration to your dreams. Client's often have an idea of what the feeling they want but are not sure how to achieve that feeling. We are able to see the inner desires and create a roadmap to reach your dreams. 

save time

You are busy and need to focus on building on your dreams and clearing the clutter in way that won't waste your time. We have the expertise to pinpoint exactly what you need from the beginning so no trial and error is needed. 

Tidy Clients

kind words

"The team provides solutions that are customized for everyone’s personality and style of work." 

"Katy and her team have been incredible to work with. No one really wants to be told they need help with organization at work; but the individual and non-intrusive approach work magic. After coming and presenting to the whole team first, everyone was at ease and was able to book their own individual sessions. The team takes an approach of one size doesn’t fit all and are able to provide solutions that are customized for everyone’s personality and style of work. We love them!"

- Lynne, CEO Ticketforce

"Katy's expertise shines through her suggestions and personalized ideas for our space."

"Katy and her team are INCREDIBLE. They created genius zones in my pantry and organized my kitchen cabinets to flow with the set up of the kitchen. Absolutely in love with the results. I love that when she has suggestions for storage options she brings multiple options so you can pick which style works best for your project and style. Very much appreciated. Katy's expertise shines through her suggestions and personalized ideas for our space. Will be hiring The Tidy Cottage again and again!"

- Rachel

"Her organizing efforts made tax preparation such a breeze!"

"Katy is so talented! Her organizing efforts in my office space and with our important papers has been so impactful! It made tax preparation such a breeze and has really helped me to manage our home!"

- Beth