The Top 10 Minimalist Newborn Baby Must Haves

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Top Ten Minimalist Newborn

Baby Must Haves

As an organizer, Mama of four and cozy minimalist I only wanted to bring things into our home that aligned with our life values. As a family we would rather spend our time sharing moments together instead of managing stuff and baby’s are known for coming with a lot of “stuff.”

When I first became a mom 10 years ago I went for it all, all the bottles, changing table, bulky car seat and stroller combo and more because baby “should have” all of the above. Then add two more babies, double strollers, toddler “should haves,” playrooms filled with birthday and holiday toys and we were officially drowning in stuff. Not only was I managing a house full of littles I was constantly reorganizing, cleaning and managing all of the things. All of that “stuff” was stealing what little room and peace I had and it was stealing precious moments with those littles.

This time around as mom of a newborn I wanted to keep the peace of less in our home. I wanted to still be able to focus on spending time with my now not so littles, and enjoy every moment of baby time with our newest addition without having to manage all the “stuff.”

With months of research and now weeks of living with baby here are my baby must haves for as a minimalist mama.

1. Doona Stroller

A stroller and car seat in one?! Yes please! This has been our number one favorite purchase this pregnancy. With baby #4 we are on the go keeping up with our siblings activities and this stroller car seat combo makes life 10x easier. No need to have the internal questioning of if it’s worth it to grab the stroller or needing to carry car seat. Just extend the wheels and go. Yes it’s more expensive, but it’s so worth it. You can also save money by re-saving on sites like OfferUp or Facebook Marketplace baby has outgrown it to save more money.


I’ll be honest, I couldn’t figure out what this was supposed to be for the longest time: was it a napper, co-sleeper, expensive resting area? After talking to fellow moms about this I took the plunge and purchased and have used it daily since bringing home baby. It really is all of the above, what I forgot about having a newborn is how much I would appreciate having a cozy place for baby to nap, sleep and rest. The gentle embrace this provides is so helpful in keeping baby calm and sleepy, and with supervision via baby cam or keeping baby close this is the perfect break for moms arms. Plus it’s portable so it can be a consistent napping space even when traveling.

3.Halo Bassinet

In the past I haven’t used bassinets, we used a pack-n-play or the now banned rock-n-play but this bassinet has been fantastic. I researched for one that would have an adjustable height, had great reviews and where I could reach in easily at night but he would still be safe. I love that it can swivel close to the bed at night and away from the bed during the day for easy access. The adjustable height for our tall bed was perfect and the extra features on the one we have like the vibration help lull him to sleep.

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4.Woven Basket Changing Station

Looking at an ugly boxy changing station wasn’t an open for me. We’ve been there done that and end up using the floor bed or around the house versus some bulky changing station. So when looking we decided on this beautiful and movable changing basket. We are changing diapers a lot these days looking at something beautiful is refreshing. It has been great to be able to move it wherever we need and we enjoy seeing this resting on our bedroom dresser.

5.Ring Sling

I’ll be honest, I bought other wraps in preparation for baby but the ring sling has been the only one I keep turning to. It is simple and quick to put on, is the most stylish, and still provides different wrap options for babies comfort. We also have loved the Ergo Carrier for when baby is older.

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6.Ubbi Diaper Pail

Diaper pails can be such a pain in the butt! They end up smelling through the plastic siding or needing special bags the twist and bunch up. The last baby and this one we have used the Ubbi diaper pail and it is awesomely simple with no smell leakage even after years of use! No need to twist things, have special bags, lots of knobs etc etc. This only requires a normal trash bag, and one opening that pushes open and close. It has a locking option which is great when you have other toddlers or littles that enjoy opening and closing. Overall this is the best diaper pail we have found!

7.Muslin Blankets

Whoever invented these blankets are a genius! They were just becoming popular with my first two kids were babies and I am so thankful they are here for baby number four. These are so great for swaddling, covering when nursing or covering the stroller when out. They can be folded/layered when cold or simply one layer and breathable when warm out. Love, love, love these blankets especially in the Phoenix summertime!

8.Rocking Recliner Chair

When looking for a recliner rocker we wanted something that was comfortable for both my 6’1″ husband and my short 5’1″ frame. This was the perfect solution for us. We use the rocking recliner to have arm rest support, and comfortable way to get baby cuddles while rocking baby to sleep, it’s been such a help to have!

9.Maden Diaper Bag

I love having a stylish diaper bag. Pre-baby I enjoyed having a cute bag/purse to carry around and transitioning to Mama mode full time is easier when I can still carry around a bag that feels like me. Of course it needs to be practical too and hold things like diapers, wipes, change of close, nursing cover, burp cloths…etc. Maden is the perfect mix of versatility and style and the best part of these bags are that you can use them beyond the diaper bag years too!

10. Burp Cloths

We received this style of burp cloths in our UpChoose bundle. You can read more about Upchoose, a sustainable and easy way to buy clothing for baby here. I had forgotten how much babies spit up, even just a little amount. These come in handy every burping session and save so many outfits for both baby and Mama. I love that these ones are thick and smaller so I don’t feel like I’m lugging around something ugly and bulky.

Of course we use other things here and there by these items above have been essential in our newborn baby experience for our fourth baby!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you. These are things that I have purchased and believe in.

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We help you tidy up your home so you can move from overwhelmed to overjoyed.  Different methods and Pinterest hacks have been tried but it’s still not sticking. You are not alone, and we are here to help! 

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