Transformation Tuesday: Girls’ Room

For my first blog post I want to walk you through a transformation of my oldest daughter’s room turned both of my girls’ room (they decided they wanted to share a room).
IMG_9723My oldest daughter does not like to organize, she loves to collect everything from special rocks she finds to dead leaves. They all end up in her room whether or not she gets approval from us first! She loves to drop everything when she enters her room and hates to put things away. When life gets busy I tend to just keep her door shut instead of get frustrated with the state of her room. Needless to say I was very excited to have time to fully organize her room this summer! The first picture was right before starting this project, my husband and I had just finished putting their beds together as a bunk bed and I was ready to get started de-cluttering.

I started this project by grabbing a few kitchen trash bags and started to go through item by item. I went from the back wall all the way across the room clearing each item off of the floor and deciding if it was something that they should keep, give away or trash. Anything that was give away I piled into the hallway to eventually put in my car to donate.
IMG_9739-compressorOnce the floor was cleared of clutter I went to work creating zones for the things that they did keep. I started off by hanging their backpacks near the door so they each have a place to put their school items without throwing them on the floor. Each girl also has their own shelf which houses a drawing their Aunt made for them, an adorable heart from Olivewood Designs and any other personal items they want to display. My oldest loves crafting, my younger daughter loves to draw and play legos so I went to work creating special zones for each of them.

IMG_9745For the crafter I put each of her different crafting projects into different containers (beads and string for necklaces, stamps, tape, different glues..etc) and put those containers and bags on a cart I had previously purchased to store her crafting supplies. I also gave her one container as a “treasure box” so she can keep all of her rocks and little treasures in one specific place (the blue container on the top tier of the cart).

IMG_9743For my younger daughter I organized her desk to contain allof her drawing books, coloring supplies, and lastly legos. The bottom drawer houses all of her legos, I tried organizing her legos more specifically but she loves to mix them together so keeping them in one draw seems like the easiest way to organize them for her. One drawer houses all of her coloring supplies, different crayons and pencils. One drawer houses a few special knick knacks and sentimental items, and the other drawers house all of her coloring books and sketch pads.

For the closet I had already purchased an inexpensive ikea shelving unit since my daughter couldn’t reach the hanging rod that was already in her closet. To make this shelving unit more suitable for both of the girls I gave them each their own rod to hang their clothes and put their less used items on the rod above (mostly tutu skirts and winter clothes). I gave them each a basket for their folded clothes and I gave my oldest another basket for her uniforms.IMG_9741-compressor

The last big part to tackle in their room was the giant ikea bookshelf. For this I started by going through each item to decide if it was going to stay, be given to their little brother or given away or thrown away. After sorting through it all I created zones for the different items left. One shelf for leap reader books and pens, one shelf for school books, one shelf for Beados (my oldest daughter’s favorite bead maker which takes up a surprising amount of space). On the bottom where the drawersare I kept one to store what they make over the next school year so it will all be in one spot and I will go through that and keep my favorites to put in their keep sake bins.IMG_9742-compressor

This all took about 3 or 4 hours which I spaced out between two afternoons. We only used what we previously had for this space and did not buy any special organization items for it. It is amazing how de-cluttering and rearranging a space and make such a difference!

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We help you tidy up your home so you can move from overwhelmed to overjoyed. Different methods and Pinterest hacks have been tried but it’s still not sticking. You are not alone, and we are here to help! 


We help you tidy up your home so you can move from overwhelmed to overjoyed.  Different methods and Pinterest hacks have been tried but it’s still not sticking. You are not alone, and we are here to help! 

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